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M&A Insights

Dec 22, 2020

What lessons can we learn from a century of success? Don Luciani, head of the Investment Banking Group at Amherst Partners, talks about growth, adaptability, and legacy with Evan Weiner, President and CEO of the 102-year-old Edw. C. Levy Co.., a vertically integrated provider of global construction services and solutions.

May 18, 2020

In this edition of M&A Insights, join Amherst Healthcare Industry Leader John Patterson as he explores some of the opportunities and challenges facing Medicare Advantage Plan providers with Jon Cotton, the founder and CEO of ApexHealth, and former President and COO of Meridian Health Plan.

Jan 6, 2020

While every business is unique, certain types of organizations often have similar concerns when it comes to M&A. Hosted by Amherst’s Healthcare Industry Group Leader, John Patterson, and featuring insights from special guests Glenn Prives, an attorney with the National Healthcare Practice at law firm McElroy, Deutsch,...

Aug 7, 2019

Can robust M&A activity have a direct benefit on cancer treatment? Amherst Partners Healthcare Practice Leader John Patterson speaks with Wes Chapman, Founder and CEO of Verdi Oncology, an innovator in the formation of regional oncology care networks, on how bringing together thought-leading oncology care professionals...

Jul 30, 2019

Chas Chandler, a Partner in Amherst’s Investment Banking practice and leader of the firm’s Consumer Products Industry Group, engages former client and firm Operating Director Ray Dallavecchia, Jr. in a wide-ranging discussion covering his experiences as the architect behind the growth of iconic toy brand...